A Brief Look at Personal Injuries in the US

In the United States, personal injury claims take up a significant percentage of the federal and state court litigation system. A majority of the lawsuits include an injury to the individual and/or the person’s property due to the results of the opponent’s actions. Most of the lawsuits that appear in court are injuries due to traffic accidents, birth injury, a construction accident, medical malpractice, a defective product and spinal cord injury.

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that there are more than 31 million injuries each year that require treatment from a doctor, while approximately two million cases need some form of hospitalization. Around 162,000 people die every year from their injuries.

Nearly a decade ago, the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that nearly two-thirds (60 percent) of all contract, property and tort trials included personal injury or tort cases. Although there were more than 7,000 personal injury lawsuits in 75 of the most populated counties, it is estimated that only four percent ever went to trial.

Vehicle accidents remain one of the highest forms of personal injuries. Various data sources, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), reported that six million car collisions, 125,000 accidents involving trucks and 4,515 boating mishaps transpire every year.

When it comes to injuries, here is snapshot data involving motor vehicle accidents:
– Car accidents: three million injuries and 40,000 deaths
– Truck accidents: 60,000 injuries and 5,000 deaths
– Motorcycle accidents: 50,000 injuries and 2,300 deaths
– Train accidents: 820 deaths
– ATV accidents: 107,500 injuries and 327 deaths
– Boating accidents: 3,000 injuries and 651 deaths

A significant number of personal injuries just do not occur from vehicle collisions. When looking at the statistics from various governmental agencies, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are 17,000 slip and fall accidents, 300,000 injuries from construction accidents, 7,000 injuries as a result of amusement park accidents and, surprisingly, there are approximately 800,000 injuries from dog bites.

Even during this time of the year, public officials and attorneys across the U.S. are cautioning parents to be safe on Halloween in order to avoid personal injuries and wrongful deaths.

“In general, the most common issues to watch out for on Halloween are the same as any time of year when groups are outside at night, and plenty of people are celebrating with alcohol. Thus, Halloween celebrants should be particularly aware of the risk of traffic collisions,” a news release stated.

For those who are contemplating filing a personal injury claim, industry experts have issued several tips:
– Make regular doctor visits
– Stay off of social media
– Maintain a diary and record important information
– File and organization receipts related to the injury in question
– Focus on the recovery and not on the settlement
– Do not wait to hire an attorney

To avoid any sorts of personal injuries, the best possible advice is to be aware of your surroundings at all times and be safe.

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