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Lawyer Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance protects lawyers and their firms against claims and lawsuits that have alleged damages caused by the lawyer or firm due to not providing proper legal services. It allows a lawyer or law firm to have a financial cushion in the event that a lawsuit should occur. This goes beyond Commercial General Liability Insurance by tackling disputes that involved harm as a result of a mistake made by lawyers or their firms. Examples of this type of harm would be:

Improper filing or disregard for filing guidelines
Wrongly constructing contracts
Any other actions that may be financially damaging to clients
Malpractice Insurance Also Covers

Pre and Post Judgment
Disciplinary Proceedings/Bar Matters
Loss of Earnings
Expenses associated with a subpoena
Privacy/Cyber Protection
Outside Director Coverage
How Much Coverage Do I Need?

The amount of coverage depends on the claim and how much the attorney or the firm can afford to lose. Their business income and assets, along with any personal assets that you want to include, determine these. Another consideration is the number of billable hours that will be lost while they are fighting their own lawsuit. If you cannot afford to lose enough time in this type of suit than higher amounts of coverage will be needed. Some coverage options include:


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